This is THE Koi Sanctuary in Lakeside.

The media has labeled it The Lakeside Koi Sanctuary, I like to call it Vagabond Koi.

       I have set up a number of ponds or water containers to house the koi that I am asked to rehome. As you can tell from the pictures if it holds more then 150 gallons I will turn it into a home for koi. 

       I ask that you remember that I am basically doing this with a very limited budget. 100% of all donations are used in the rescue / rehoming process.  People have donated food, used equipment and their time toward the rescue effort.

       This is my passion, to find homes for these koi. I do not try to sell them, I do suggest donations to be made to the cause, but it is entirely up to you. 

        I would really like to be able to rehome koi into public ponds or large corporate ponds where more people can enjoy them. Of course any koi keeper that would like to rehome a couple of koi are more then welcome to. I do ask that you be a responsible koi keeper and provide them with a healthy and safe environment. Remember DO NOT over load your system.

       During the Harmony Grove rescue, Vagabond Koi and the Koi Club worked with the Humane Society, Law Enforcement and Cal fire as well as a crew from SDGE to save 42 of the Pastors koi. Without their help this could not have been accomplished. We are working with the Humane Society to be listed as an orginazation to be contacted if there is a need to rescue fish.

        ​At the present moment 3/12/17 I have 6 soft sided ponds at about 500 gallons each, an above ground pond of about 900 gallons, an above ground pond of close to 1,200 gallons and my personal back yard pond of about 8,000 gallons. My goal is to have 4 1100 gallon above ground ponds with the 6 smaller ponds as backups. This would enable me to separate koi and make it easier to view and catch them for rehoming, as well as using it to QT them from different rescues. Treatment of health issues would be conducted in a more cost effective manner, I could use a soft-sided or treat the pond itself (cheaper to treat less water) I am also taking the koi health certification from K.O.I.  to better enable me to care for the rescues

       Speaking of health issues I have been extremely fortunate in that I have had one bout of illness in one pond and it was treated and cleared up. I will never rehome a koi knowing that it is sick or injured. I DO NOT PUT DOWN any fish I try my best to save them sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But if a fish is in really bad shape when I rescue it and appears to be suffering I will put it down after carefully considering all circumstances..

       During the time I have been doing this I have lost about 6% of the rescued koi. Jumpers, pump problems (used equipment) and some to a BGD that was treated and the remaining made a recovery. I have rescued koi that were just waiting to die.  A koi owner died and the neighbors wanted to sell his koi so they took them out of a perfectly healthy pond with green water and air and put 12 large (20 inch) koi into a holding tank with fresh water no dechlor and no air. I went to get them after they called me for help but it was already too late. I took them home, put them in 2 ponds with lots of air, some salt and water movement but they still died, their gills were burned from the chlorine.  If you do not know about keeping koi PLEASE do some research first before you try and help them. 

      Larger, older koi (jumbos) who have been in the same pond with no new fish introduced into their system tend to have issues when rehomed due to different pond systems bacteria. It is like keeping a baby out of human contact for 10 years and then throwing them into a crowded subway on a winters day. Just think of all the germs and bacteria they are going to be exposed to that their system has no idea about. 

Thank you for stopping by    Jerry Myers & Latamer P. Koi

       I know it sounds simple but believe me it isn't. I have been fortunate in that I had basically everything I needed to start this up. As time goes on people  donated used equipment when they closed their ponds.  I pay close attention to the water quality. I treat each of these rescued koi as my own and do my utmost to provide them a healthy environment.

       I started this by scraping together whatever I could to get the job done. When we did the Harmony Grove Rescue, people started to donate toward the rescues. We ask that if you have Vagabond come out and rescue your koi or if you are the proud owner of a rescued koi that you consider donating to the rescue effort. 100% of all donations go into supporting and maintaining the rescue effort.

       I recently have redesigned tee shirts for for a small ($20.00) to help defray the cost of the rescue and rehoming. Please check back for tee shirt updates soon.

This small 500+gallon pond started out to house the goldfish I pulled from my main pond so I could find them new homes. It now has about 5 goldfish and 10 smaller koi in it. The water quality is very good and I test it every other day. I recently added some water lillies and they seemed to love them. Added an Ultima-1000 as the filter and water quality is good.

I just finished my Certified Koi Keepers (CKK) certification from K.O.I. Koi Organisation International And have plans to attend the PNKCA Convention in Portland, I attended the convention /wetlab in Portland and learned quite a bit. I have also recently attended the AKCA wetlab in San Diego and plan to continue with koi courses such as the AKCA KHA program and the extension courses with KOI. 

Just recently, in Feb 2015 I added 3 soft-sided tanks of about 600 gallons each. They all have a submersible  pump and some form of pressure bio filter. I just picked up 2  ultima 2000 needing some work and parts but I can have them running soon. I do water changes once a week and test the water 4x a week. While the water is not clear and a nice tinge of green the koi have plenty of air and are healthy

    This is my main pond. My personal pond. It is approximately 8,000 with the stream and settling areas thrown in. The filter is a 300 gal galvanized water trough full of bio media such as brushes, open cell 8 inch foam and bird netting.  The foam and brushes came from a club member closing their pond  and they offered it to me. The pump is a 10,000gph torpedo pump from Cal pump. This filter and media combo has been going for close to 5 years now and the pond has never looked better and water quality is great even with the large bio load. I also use plants and settling areas to help filter.

    Until September of 2013 it held about 30 koi of all different sizes and ages. I did a pond pull, which started all this, there were supposed to be 20 koi to be rehomed and we ended up with 63!  Yes I said 63 large koi in the 16-20 inch range. Well I wasnt ready for that many. Some of the club members took home a couple and I was left literally holding the bags of close to 48 large koi. I put 15 of the smallest ones in my Goldfish pond which had about 15 goldfish in it as I had just started pulling them from the main pond. I put the other 33 into my main pond. I was now at over 60 koi in the main pond. I put an extra pump spraying water into the goldfish pond and made sure it was getting plenty of O2. I checked on the pond about ever 2 hours that night.

    In the morning I called the Catamaran Hotel and after a day or 2 of phone tag I was given the ok to bring them 20 koi. They do have a number of ponds that are all separate from each other and they needed a few more koi. I was happy to help.  I also took about 10 to the Oakdale Senior Living of La Mesa as they are members of the club and wanted a couple more koi. 

    30 down 18 to go. I have found homes for all but 2, and they may have a home shortly. At this moment 7/3/15 i have one left and he is content to stay for a bit.

Update I rehomed 32 large longfin Koi to the Catamaran Hotel for their back pond and 3 for their front waterfall pond. Catamaran hotel has 55 Koi from Vagabond! Thank you Catamaran.

​    With all the recent rescues my main pond now sits at about 90 koi of all different sizes. Some will be going to new homes shortly. My goal is to get my personal pond down to 40 koi.

This pool / pond is no longer functional and has been removed and disposed of. I have left it on here for you to see what was going on.

Click here for  more pictures of Harmony Grove rescue and their temp home

    Everything worked out great. The pool was sitting in my yard as I had just purchased it from a fellow club member, he later told me it was a gift not to worry about paying for it. I had planned  to set it up whenever I needed it. The pump and filter were given to me by the folks we had helped out in September. The bio mead was a donation from fellow Club members and the labor to set it up and get it going in time was all with the help of Koi Club members. I will not repeat the Harmony Grove story but I will link you to 2 great articles about it . One is by Vagabond's own Latamer P Koi, the P stands for pugnacious and he is actually my alter ego.

    The other article was written by the Koi Clubs president John Svelan for publication on our website and newsletter.