Sanctuary Update in the works


We have obtained a permit to build a 24 x 24 Garage that 1/2 will be allotted to Vagabond koi as well as the 2 side yards for ponds for rescues.

Photos to follow 


Garage is complete except for the door which gets installed on the 19th of July. I will be cleaning all the pieces of used equipment and getting them ready for a pond sale sometime end of July or mid August. All the funds generated will go directly back into the rescue.

The plan now is to regrade the side slope to original condition and to build 4 ponds for rescue with shade covers. Each pond is to be 8x12x3 just a tad over 2000 gallons. plus a hospital tank of around 600 gallons. Each pond will have it's own pump and filter. I use 5500gph submersible pumps with Ultima 6000 filters. 

inside the garage will be a small work shop for repairing used equipment as well as storage for bins, nets, supplies for rescues, chemicals and equipment.