South San Diego (IB)

Living Coast Discovery Center

East Lakeside

San Marcos

Harmony Grove/ Cocos Fire Rescue 

I did not take pictures of this rescue. Vito and I went down to Brawley, about 100 miles away.

We picked up 475 goldfish and 251 - koi about 6-8 inches and mostly longfin from one 4000 gallon pond. We had to make 2 trips. they were all placed in a 6000 above ground swimming pool. All the goldies have gone to a private pond and most of the koi have gone to private ponds as well.


North County

Rescue events have ranged in size from 1 koi up to 63 koi. The average size of rescued koi is between 12 and 20 inches. A few have been 30+. 

If you would like to view some of the rescued koi, click an image

La Jolla

Marathon Construction 

The number of koi rescued since September 2013 is a bit mind boggling. As of today 2/25/16 Vagabond Koi has rescued over 2,600 fish. This includes goldfish, crappies, hi-fin sharks, bass and turtles!
Harmon grove koi have all gone to new homes. The owner has decided not to rebuild and had asked me to find homes for them. 
Recent rescue in Brawley 3/31/15- 475 long fin goldfish and 251 long fin koi! Average size is 6 - 8 inches