Below are ALL the pictures from the Harmony Grove rescue. There were no pictures taken on Saturday, day one due to the urgency of getting into an active fire zone and the need to act quickly. Pictures were taken by a number of people including the media.

I would like to thank all the folks that helped!

The Humane Society Investigators that helped us gain access to the fire zone, Lisa and Erika.

The various Law enforcement agencies such as the Marshalls Office and Highway Patrol for taking the time to escort us into the fire zone with the Humane Society.

To CDF and the other fire fighters who helped out by carrying water and sharing their O2 when our tank ran out.

To the gentleman who ran the water truck, thank you for letting us replenish the pond with fresh water from your truck.

​SDGE crews for their Charity in lending us a generator and gas to run it for 2 days. 

The members of the Koi Club of San Diego for their prompt reply in a call for help in saving these koi.