Just a Hodge Podge of Rescues


Vagabond Koi Rescue is unique in that while there are a few other Koi rescues out there, they rescue the koi, get them healthy if need be and then auction them off during their auction each year.  Or they just sell them. I honestly don't know where the money goes.

      The Koi Club of San Diego let me auction off 30 koi last year and they donated their half of the proceeds back to the rescue.  

Don't get me wrong any rescue is better then none and one needs to make ends meet.

       I can however tell you that all money that is donated to Vagabond goes directly into the rescue and rehoming program. YES 100%, no salaries,no perks, and no grabbing of donated material for personal use. I do this because it is my passion and the more I do it the more passionate I get about it.

       I muddle by with what I have to work with. For instance, if I help someone with their pond or fish and they want to give me money I ask them to donate it to the rescue. This is large part how I have kept it going. I am presently taking a koi health course offered by K.O.I. and they were kind enough to offer me a scholarship for their course. 

Just think  2600 fish since September 2013. WHERE would they have gone prior to Vagabond. Where did they go? 

Please if you can, donate to the rescue. I will take anything pond related, food equipment and of course money.