Why rescue koi?

I have been asked a number of times why rescue koi? The simple answer is because I can and they need it. A koi can not get up and run away. It is at the mercy of the container they are kept in. 

My definition of  rescue.

A rescue koi is any koi or pond fish that needs to be removed from its present home. There are varying degrees of urgency in this area, from spawn removal to "Help my koi are dying and we don't know what to do". They are all rescues to me.

I DO NOT take koi as a donation no more then does the humane society take animals as a donation. If you want a receipt for donated equipment this I can do but will not do so for your rescued koi.

Who helps rescue ?

At the present time it is Me, Myself and I doing all the rescues and keeping the rescue ponds going. It sometimes gets a tad busy and people fall thru the cracks,but don't give up keep emailing or texting.

Where do all the koi come from you rescue?

 Rescued koi come from many different situations. From the all too familiar " Help I have too many koi" to " I lost my house, can you find a home for my koi".

There have been rescues from fire areas and from homes where the owners have passed away. I have also rescued koi from older folks, who due to health can no longer care for their koi, I find these some of the sadder rescues as they would really love to keep their koi but can't.

Aren't these koi expensive

They can be very expensive indeed, BUT not your average pond koi. Most of the expensive kio (pure Japanese breeder koi) come with a certificate ( I call it a birth certificate)

    Most pond owners buy koi in the $25-$100 dollar range and as such they are normally pretty koi but do not have a high resale value unless the circumstances are just right.

What do you charge for your services.

I have been told I am not mercenary enough! This may be true but I am NOT a for profit company. I am a rescue and do this because it is something I enjoy and it needs to be done. As for funding the rescue effort, I rely strictly on donations to keep this going. I also take used equipment and either put it to use at the sanctuary or clean it up and sell it and use the funds for the rescue.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

I do not sell any of the koi, i am not a koi shop nor am I a breeder. The koi from Vagabond are free for the asking but I do ask for a donation or rehoming fee.

Do you board koi?

I have at times held koi for people who are rebuilding their ponds and I do charge a fee for this service. I can however help you set up a temporary pond or holding pond at your property if you so desire.

     I have had a koi pond for the last 18 years.

     I believe that if you decide to keep any animal, YOU are responsible for that animal's well being.

That includes making sure that if you can no longer keep them, you do your utmost to find them a home where they will be safe.

     I started Vagabond Koi Rescue for this very reason.


Vagabond Koi Rescue/Rehoming is now officially

Vagabond Koi Rescue, Inc.

and is a 501 ( c ) 3 

Vagabond uses 100% of all donations toward the rescue and rehoming of koi

(all pond animals are included in this)

As of March we are getting ready to build a 24x24 garage of which 1/2 will be for Vagabond use.​

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Why rescue koi?

Vagabond Koi Sanctuary

Work in progress please be patient 03/08/18)

Harmony Grove Fire Rescue:

100% have been rehomed


Pictures of various rescues